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Irondale CDA Launches A New Business Outreach Program

The Irondale Commercial Development Authority (CDA) will launch an innovative new business outreach program, named Irondale BusinessFirst.  The Irondale BusinessFirst program will focus on fostering meaningful relationships with Irondale businesses through proactive business outreach and customer-oriented approaches.

To kick off this new initiative, all Irondale businesses will receive an introductory letter and a brief survey via email and/or regular mail. Business owners and/or the appropriate decision makers will be asked to fill out the survey and either return the survey via email or regular mail. Upon receipt of the completed survey, a member of the BusinessFirst team will contact the business to schedule a meeting to discuss the survey.

Terrence Scott will serve as the Program Chairman of this important business retention initiative.  According to Mr. Scott, ” Our goal is to make every business in Irondale feel as if they are the city’s most valuable customer and they have a voice. Through this new program we will regularly visit Irondale businesses to identify opportunities to help them prosper and grow right here in Irondale.”

Terrence Scott-BusinessFirst, Program Chairman
Terrence Scott-Irondale BusinessFirst, Program Chairman

To view an overview of the Irondale BusinessFirst program and the business survey please click the following links:

Business First Program

Business First Survey Card-two sides

For more information on the Irondale BusinessFirst Program or to schedule a meeting, please contact the Irondale CDA Business Resource Center at 205-703-9770 or send an email to Terrence Scott at