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How to get a Library Card

Library cards are free. Public Libraries are publicly funded.

To get a library card, visit any Jefferson County Public Library location.

Anyone who resides or pays property taxes in Jefferson County, Alabama can get a card. Library cards expire after two years. Library cards can be renewed in person at any Jefferson County Public Library location or online. We ask you to renew in order to make sure that we have all of your current contact information.

If you live elsewhere in the State of Alabama, you can apply and pay for a nonresident card. There is an $50.00 annual fee.

Temporary e-cards are available to access certain online materials. Visit to learn more.

What do I need to get a card?
Adults must present a valid photo ID with current address. If the photo ID does not include current address, then examples below may be used for proof of residency.

Examples include:

  • driver’s license or Government-issued ID
  • utility bill
  • bank book
  • apartment lease
  • letter on letterhead from a shelter

You have the right to confidentiality
Library Patron Confidentiality Act
All library patron information is confidential. Employees must, therefore, treat all patron matters accordingly as stated by the Privacy Act (Code of Alabama 41-8-10). No patron information, including home address, phone number, and materials checked out, may be revealed to anyone, except by the patron him or herself, with proper identification.