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Transformation of Irondale Parks

Irondale, AL –  Thanks to new funding and the implementation of a comprehensive park improvement plan, a transformation of Irondale parks is taking shape. Park Committee Chairman, Councilor John London stated, ” After receiving a new infusion of funding, we decided to take a comprehensive look at all of our parks and greenspaces.”   London further stated, “Our goal is to create world class parks and greenspaces that will improve the quality of life for Irondale’s citizens and visitors.”

Progress can be seen at Beacon Park as phase one of a multi-phase plan nears completion. The focus of the first phase is on developing a new design and renovating the playground area.  This includes; replacing retaining walls, updating safety borders and installing new state of the art playground equipment.  According to Councilor London, ” We are pleased with the progress were making at Beacon Park and we anticipate completion of this initial phase by early September.”  Future phases will include; installing new covered  pavilions, repairing track surfaces,  adding new walking trails, picnic area renovations and re-purposing the existing tennis court.

Improvements to other Irondale parks are occurring concurrently with the Beacon Park project.   Ruffner Park received funding in early spring to replace fencing, install new field sod and repair lighting on several ball fields.  Future renovation projects are currently being developed for both Ellard Park and The Cahaba River Landing. The Cahaba River Landing is one of the areas most popular destinations for canoeing and fishing on the Cahaba River.

The Park Committee is also developing new greenspaces in the Rock Ridge and Roebuck Plaza neighborhoods.  Councilor London solicited the community for suggestions for the design phase of the Rock Ridge greenspace.   Citizens of Rock Ridge provided design ideas for their neighborhood green space.  According to Councilor London, ” Our best ideas came from two teen-aged Rock Ridge residence who attend Shades Valley high School. ”

Nestled between Ruffner Mountain and the Cahaba River,  Irondale is blessed with natural beauty.  The Irondale Park Committee is committed to creating vibrant Irondale parks and greenspaces that promote healthy recreation and leisure for Irondale’s citizens and visitors.

By Darryl Washington

Beacon Park Construction 1
Beacon Park Construction 2