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Irondale City Services On Display at Town Hall Meeting

This past Thursday, Irondale citizens were treated to an informative and very interactive Town Hall meeting.  According to Darryl Washington – Irondale On the Move, Program Director,  The purpose of the Town Hall meeting was two-fold.  First, we wanted to give department leaders an opportunity to share information with the public about their organizations.  Secondly,  we wanted to give Irondale residents  a chance to provide input about the city’s services,”

Citizens were able to interact with senior leaders from the following Irondale departments:  Water Works, Public Works, Revenue/Ordinances, Parks & Beautification, Library, Senior Activity Center, Police and Fire.  City services will play a vital role in the future of Irondale and is a key component of the new comprehensive plan, called Irondale On The Move.


” Irondale city services like Police and Fire is one of the main reasons my family moved to Irondale years ago.  It was awesome to meet the leaders of these and other organizations, ” stated long time Irondale resident Jesse Rayford.

This is the first in a series of monthly Town Hall Meetings to discuss key topics relevant to the city’s future growth.  The topic for the September Town Hall Meeting will be “Bettering Irondale’s Schools.”  Dates and details for the next Town Hall will be posted shortly to the City of Irondale’s website.