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Train cars derail in Irondale; no immediate danger reported

Irondale police are warning people to stay away from a train derailment near City Hall.

The derailment happened around 8:30 p.m. near 20th Street in Irondale, police Detective Michael Mangina said. There was no immediate danger, but Norfolk Southern, the railroad company, is asking people to stay clear of the tracks for about four blocks as they bring in equipment.

There were 11 tanker cars involved, seven of which were empty and four of which contained something, a railroad official told police. It will take about 10 to 12 hours to clear up the derailment.

Some of the cars are tanker cars, and it’s not clear at this point what if anything was inside of them. Mangina said Norfolk Southern has crews surveying to see what was inside and what needs to be done to get the train back on the track.

One engine is leaking diesel fuel, Mangina said.

When the derailment happened, he said some officers were at city hall and reported hearing a loud boom.

Right now, Mangina said residents are advised to stay in their homes. Some people live in houses very close to where the train derailed.

“This is the old historical part of Irondale as well as a residential area,” Mangina said. “We have residents that are basically as close as a two-lane road from some of these railroad tracks.”

Taken from article by Jon Reed |